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Wedding Dance Lessons in Boston MA, Newton MA
Dance Lessons in Boston MA - Swing
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Dance Lessons in Boston MA - Salsa, Bachata, Swing, Latin
Star Dance School - Ballroom Dancing Studio in boston MA
Star Dance School Newton location studio address: Newton MA, 02461. Phone #: 617-202-9200. Email: info@stardanceschool.com.
Salsa group classes, Salsa, Bachata, Latin dance group classes  are available every day. Please call us to reserve a spot in the dance classes of your choice!
group dance classes could be added per your request.
Dance lessons are available in Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Hustle, Swing, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Pasodoble, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot,
Quickstep, Ballroom and Latin dancing, and other popular dances and styles.
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Dance Lessons Schedule in Boston MA
Dance Lessons Schedule - Boston Ma Star Dance School Ballroom Dance Studio
competitive hip hop dance training for girls and boys
Boston dance classes in hip hop and breakdancing competitive

Competitive Hip Hop and Breakdance program at Star Dance School is designed for boys
and girls ages 3-17 who love to dance and compete, and are looking for a
challenging and diverse environment in which to grow and develop as a dancer.
Star Dance School dance instructors, experienced competitive hip-hop dancers, have
developed a top level competitive dance program that is designed for the most serious
dancers, and combines hip hop, breakdance, locking, popping, housing, crumping,
acrobatics, and fitness. Enrollment for our competitive street dancing program is offered
by audition only. All students are placed into teams by age and ability, from beginner
to Champion. We keep our dance class sizes small in order to provide more personalized,
individual attention to each student.
Our dance instructors will tailor an individualized choreography and group/private dance
lesson plan for every dancing crew they teach, and provide them with all necessary guidance
to be a successful dance competitior.
If you interested in joining Star Dance School studio crews, you don't have
to be an advanced hip hop or breakdance dancer. You can start competing even as
a beginner. However, you have to be a serious, motivated dancer, aware that you are
a part of a team, and responsible for making sure you attend every class on a regular and
timely basis. As a competitive dance student you will receive more hours of instruction per
week and are required to participate in all competitions and performances, which means
a certain financial responsibility, such as costume fees, private dance lessons, additional
rehearsals, and traveling costs.
When we place young children in our competitive dance program, we expect 100%
commitment from both the students and the parents.

Interested in our children's competitive street dancing program?
Call us 617-202-9200, email us at info@stardanceschool.com, or contact us today!

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Dance Lessons in Competitive Hip Hop at Star Dance School Boston MA

Star Dance School Ballroom & Street Dance Studio offers
intensive competitive hip hop and break dance
training for children, and teens, b-boys, and b-girls, consisting of
individually tailored combination of group & private dance classes in
Hip Hop, Breakdance, Locking, Popping.

Dance Lessons Schedule - Boston Ma Star Dance School Ballroom Dance Studio
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