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Star Dance School Ballroom Dance Studio in Newton MA is a leading provider of private
ballroom dance lessons in Boston MA area.
Take your dancing to the next level with Private Lessons at Star Dance School
Ballroom dance Studio.

Private lessons at our Dance Studio are tailored to meet your needs. Our professional staff will give you and your
partner personalized one on one instruction and attention. We will create a unique choreography for you, and will
help you with the technique you need to make complex patterns become effortless, so you will look and feel
terrific on the dance floor.

Our focus is in assisting you to meet your individual goals, while making sure you have fun along the way. You can
schedule private lessons at times that are convenient for you. We will give you the freedom to pick your own
regular times each week, or change as needed, to meet the demands of shifting work and life schedules. You get
to set the pace and choose how often you want to take a lesson, but we suggest you aim for at least once a
week to maintain good progress.

The best way to become the best dancer you can be is by attending private and group classes.  Just dancing with
your  instructor does not fully prepare in social settings or dance competitions.  So at various points along the way
we encourage you to have lessons with other dance teachers and attend group classes so you are dancing with a
range of partners.

There are many benefits of taking private lessons at Star Dance School:

  • you can learn and improve your dancing much more rapidly one-on-one with a professional dance teacher
  • you will have explanations, demonstrations and application of the steps, skills and the technique you need
    in a way that suits you, while working on your individual needs and goals a pace of learning to suit you
  • it’s easier to concentrate on the styles you like the most although we encourage you to learn a variety as
    this assists in your learning
  • if you lack the confidence yet to feel comfortable attending group classes, you can take private lessons until
    you feel ready
  • if attending on a regular basis is difficult due to work or other commitments, private lessons can be
    scheduled at times that suit you
  • you can prepare choreographed showcases or demonstrations for special events, bringing your dancing and
    confidence to a whole new level.

If this sounds like you, there will be no pressure to join group classes.

The frequency of taking private lessons varies according to the individual’s lifestyle and budget.  Most of our
students dance once or twice a week, but you are able to reschedule whenever you need to. We need a minimum
of 24 hours notice if you can’t attend a scheduled lesson so as to allow other students the opportunity to have
the time slot.  

Private lessons follow a structured approach to meet your dancing goals.  If you have danced elsewhere before,
then we offer you a complimentary session to work out where you fit into our structure.  While we may need to
refresh or fill in dance patterns and technique you may have missed out on, we see no point in taking you back to
the very beginning!!  And bear in mind, that at Star Dance School, we do not need you to sign a contract for

Our expert teachers can recommend which dances to learn and the sequence in which to learn them. You may
have favorites on which you want to concentrate.   

If you start private lessons as a beginner at Star Dance School the structure you will progress through includes:

Bronze dance level
Silver dance level
Gold dance level
Pre-Championship, open dance level
Championship, open dance level
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